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While our current focus is sponsoring education and providing Christian teaching through weekly vocational bible school, we are laying the foundation for several new projects.

With your support, each of these projects will help improve the living standards of marginalized people by strengthening the communities where our students and their families live, work and go to school.


We are laying the groundwork for a "kiota," or future home base of Change Destiny. Our vision is to provide a safe, loving and faith-filled shelter for our volunteers, missionaries and students who are orphans and come to us in need of a place to live.

We believe the Lord has set aside this sacred piece of land for our organization and it was formally blessed by bishops, priests, volunteers and our mission team in summer 2022. While the specific plans are still taking shape, one thing is certain: God has big plans in store for this land, and if we keep the faith and build our foundation on Him, He will provide. God’s vision, His provision! We are currently raising funds for fencing to protect the land from thieves and, with your support, we will soon acquire materials to eventually break ground.

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The nutritional needs of our students and staff is something we take very seriously. It is also very demanding of time and finances.

With your support, we will be able to develop a full-scale nutritional program that will provide lunch for all of our sponsored students that commute to school on a daily basis. We also plan to regularly invite people in the community to collect cooking kits containing essential food supplies. There are many ways you can support our various food programs through a donation!

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We are blessed to call Thirst No More Corporation an official partner of Change Destiny Life Africa. Thirst No More Corporation is a 501(c)(3) organization established with a focus on addressing the basic needs of communities worldwide.

In the summer 2023, they completed their second mission trip to Naivasha to connect with our students and lay the groundwork for future tangible projects that will create a sustainability model for Naivashan communities to generate employment and financial independence. We are also exploring building a Christian vocational school for all grades through high school.

With the support of Thirst No More and Change Destiny networks around the world, they see the potential to expand on our vision to provide primary and secondary education to approximately 3,000 youth, as well as continuing education through university studies and/or vocational training facilities. We solicit your prayers concerning our mutual project; especially for the financial resources to make our vision for vulnerable children a reality.

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